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Cutter Storage

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Figure 9-10. One combination cutter, in this case a bead and a quarter-round, can produce many shapes. Some forms are done with one pass, others require two or more passes.

Three-lip shaper cutters should be respectfully cared for. They are an investment, and they work best when they are clean and sharp. They can be kept in the plastic cases they are packed in, but selecting the cutter you want will be more convenient if you make the case shown in Figure 9-10. It will hold up to 30 cutters, or you can use some of the dowel posts for storing the collars. Use gummed labels near each post to identify the cutter. Construction details for the case are shown in Figure 9-11. Cutters should be carefully cleaned before storage.


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Figure 9-11. Construction details of a shaper cutter storage case.

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